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Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc And The Believability Of A Convincing Text

Detailed Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

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The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (June 2011)

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (Sept 2009)

Why Proto-Indo-European linguistics have not accepted my meaningful decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, even though they cannot give reasons for this

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Aug 2008)

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Oct 2005)

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The Correct Method For The Solution Of The Phaistos Disc (June 2011)

The failure of all approaches to decipher the Phaistos Disc has a simple reason: Decipherments cannot be conducted with hypotheses but must be aligned to the the basics of readability.

The readability rises only by the concurrence of language and scripture and cannot be influenced by newer guidlines. The language transmitts information by spoken phonetic sequeces, the scripture records them to be readable. The recording comes to existence by using characters for single phonemes or short phoneme sequences, and if the context allows it abbreviations and word symbols can be used.

The way of recording is controled by orthography.

When reading the phonemes of the characters are determined considering the language and the orthography and are assembled to the phonetic sequence and completed if necessary.

There is no other way of reading.

For the phonetic sequece of a text cannot be converted to the phonetic sequece of another text by replacing phonemes a recorded text can never be read as another text.

Encrypted texts only have one solution, and one cannot read the signs of a foreign text as a German text.

The readability of a text cannot be manipulated!

With this practical considerations all encrypted texts can be deciphered if its language is graspable. - Side A of the Phaistos Disc is understandable because it is close to the classic Greec language.

As well as with hypotheses no decipherments can be conducted, no languages can be reconstructed by them.

The reality can only be observed with observations, and all hypotheses that contradict to a hypothesis are wrong. The observation shows that languages are unpredictable by nature, and con only be determined in a direct way. This is also valid for the ancient Greek language. Even the consensus of all linguistic scientists of the world could not change the nature of language!

With hypotheses not a single text can be translated reliable into another language, and with hypotheses can not be generated a reliable grammar, particularly the early findings are not representative. They are all dependent on the durableness of its material and on other imponderabilities and cannot be assigned and sorted in reliable.

Scientific work does not consist of the elaboration of hypotheses but is the evaluation of observations, and therefore the ignoring of arguments that consist of observations cannot be legitimated in science.

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