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Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc And The Believability Of A Convincing Text

Detailed Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

Proove, Argumentation:

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (June 2011)

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (Sept 2009)

Why Proto-Indo-European linguistics have not accepted my meaningful decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, even though they cannot give reasons for this

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Aug 2008)

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Oct 2005)

Adam Martin:

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Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Aug 2008)

The Secret Of The Inscription Of The Phaistos Disc

This unique stamp scripting of the Phaistos Disc caters for the thoughts that it is a product of an ancient stamp scripting, which language can not have vanished without a trace. But why were hundred years not enough to decipher the Diskos? Did it's language escape the knowledge of the science, are the decipherment technics of the Proto-Indo-European linguistics not effektive enough or does this scripture work in a way which will be an enigma forever? The answer can only be found with consequent reasoning.

If you compare the different results of scientific elaborations you can recognize that the authors all have a different imagination of readability. It seems that they neither know what they search for nor where they can find it. For them readability seems to be a subjective matter which depends on the correlation with own theories and completely different scripture findings.

In reality readability is an essential function of scripture in common and can be examined objectively at every time if the language is understandable.

Every scripture is used to write down thoughts in a manner that they are readable non-ambiguously. This is only possible if they are enunciated and then written down as a sequence of phonetic values or characters. The way how this happens has no influence to the readability, for the sequence of the characters is always directy connected to the phonetic sequence, that a text can only be read with the correct phonetic values, and the phonetic sequence of a text is not to manipulable.

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