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Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

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The Phaistos Disc And The Believability Of A Convincing Text

Detailed Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

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The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (June 2011)

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (Sept 2009)

Why Proto-Indo-European linguistics have not accepted my meaningful decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, even though they cannot give reasons for this

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Aug 2008)

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Oct 2005)

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Why Proto-Indo-European Linguistics Have Not Accepted My Meaningful Decipherment Of The Phaistos Disc, Even Though They Cannot Give Reasons For This

Every modern text in a foreign language can be associated to a certain language at first sight. This is possible because every language has an individual phonetic profile, as a result of its own vocabulary and its own grammar, which reflects in the scripture. Also dialects and early shapes disclose the character of the standard language.

If a text is understandable in a certain language all other interpretations get invalid, for every text is only readable in one single language.

This knowledge must also be valid for the Phaistos Disc.

To solve it you just have to find the right phonetic values. One cannot rely on a given historic grammar, for it is concluded indirectly, and no real language aligns itself according to the rules of another language. One finds help only in the meaning of the pictures and often in the shape of the characters too. With the large amount of the charactern the phonetic profile of the language does not get changed, it is only presented in another way.

The following points show that I succeeded to find the correct phonetic values:
1.Side A results to a Grecian text which harmonises with the funeral cult at that time.
2.All words are understandable, partial even classical.
3.The lines that separate the words are all at the correct position.
4.The pictures show their phonetic value in a acrostic way, and often with their shape similar to a character.
5.The Minoian text (side B) shows the same structure as the Grecian.

To value this as "accidentally and arbitrarily" is a worthless snap judgement. A logical refusal ought to proove that all 5 points are meaningless and that there is another solution. What do they present us instead of it? - A patchwork of incoherent single words, typical for a failed try using wrong phonetic values!

The refusal of my decipherment cannot be argued on a logical basis, but obviously they want to avoid the (logical) consequences to conceal their wrong conclusions.

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