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the Thesis:

Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc And The Believability Of A Convincing Text

Detailed Thoughts About The Developing Of Our Alphabet

Proove, Argumentation:

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (June 2011)

The Readability Of The Phaistos Disc (Sept 2009)

Why Proto-Indo-European linguistics have not accepted my meaningful decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, even though they cannot give reasons for this

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Aug 2008)

Proof For The Right Interpretation Of The Phaistos Disc (Oct 2005)

Adam Martin:

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Adam Martin's originals are in German.
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The Phaistos Disc

The disc is written at with a pictogram script where some antetypes of Greek letters can be recognized. One side contains a complete, very impressing text in an ancient Greek language, the other side is the Minoan version of the same text.
For the science the Disc is considered as unsolvable, but the following analogies with the modern Greek language and culture is leaned upon the following translation:
1.The „small” Sigma at the end of a word has its own shape.
2.There are „capital” and „small” letters. The „capital letters” are sacral related signs.
3.The „writing with capital letters” serves as an expression of the respect for human beings.
4.The text is completely consistent with the modern funeral ritual (Myroloja), which origin is known from the ancient world.

Sign Meaning Ancient Greek Word contemporary letter
and phoneme
double axe (holy, therefore capital)
walking man
shield boss
head with helmet, meaning here: helmet
helmet with bush (at the end of the word)
barque as a symbol for trading

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